Snow & Ice Removal

Why do I need to remove the snow and Ice from my roof?

A major roof problem that cold-climate homeowners face is the build-up of heavy snow and the development of ice dams. The excessive weight of snow can damage roofs, gutters, and down spouts. Excessive snow can also block the air flow of the home's ventilation systems. Ice dams form when heavy snow melts during the day, flows under the shingles, and refreezes at night. After several melting-freezing cycles, water can enter the attic area and damage insulation, ceilings, walls, and even the building itself. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to
prevent damage caused by heavy snow and ice dams. By keeping the snow load to a minimum, you will reduce the chances of an ice dam forming. In addition, you will prevent damage to the roof due to the excessive weight.


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